Board Committees Meeting Tonight

Tonight down at Sheridan, there are three Board of Trustee committee meetings:

Of particular interest to faculty is the Audit, Budget and Finance Committee meeting agenda which features discussion and possible action on adopting a new faculty salary plan.

The proposal is to move away from the step system (under which we have had no salary adjustments for several years) and into a salary range system. The Board of Trustees would then determine “the timing and amount of salary adjustments for faculty and eliminates the perception that a step increase will occur automatically every year.”

One of the main reasons the District moved to a step system was to ensure gender pay equity and let faculty know exactly what they could expect based on educational attainment and experience. With a salary range system, what criteria will be applied before the Board awards raises? How will gender parity be ensured within departments and across colleges? What about non-instructional faculty? Will their salary ranges also be competitive and included on this new schedule?

The amount of money required to implement the new salary schedule is projected to be $2,960,383 – an amount which will be “partially offset by cost savings produced by a new summer pay model to be implemented in Summer 2013.”

What do you think?

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