New Faculty Salary Range Schedule Up for Full Board Approval

Take a look at the salary range ppt presentation made to the Board committee from Dan Ulibarri. There’s a lot of good information here. Included is the chart below – bigger, better, and in color.

The full Board will vote next Tuesday (March 27) on whether to approve this new salary range schedule. The following information is from Brian Stout, NVC faculty and  compensation study committee member:

The new Salary Schedule, if approved, will put us at least 3rd among the 8 peer colleges in almost every major category (Entry pay, Average Pay, range from minimum to maximum pay etc.).  There will be a change in summer pay to 130% of adjunct rate starting summer 2013 for up to 15 hours. (The committee final proposal came up with a range from 135%-140% when comparing us to the rest of the state), so we feel the 130% is a decent compromise.  There was strong consensus from the committee for the final proposal.

Real briefly, to find out what your increase will be:

1)    Look up your current Step and Rank on the table below, the percentage in that box is the base increase

The next 3 items were added to the base to help with compression caused by not having raises / steps for 3 years

2)    All faculty add 1.25% to the base increase

3)    If you are currently in Step A, B or C and started before 2011 add another 3.5%, if you were hired in 2011 add only 1.75%

4)    If you are currently in Step D, E, F, G or H add another 1.75%

For example, Joe Bob is currently at Step C with an MA+0.  His increase would be 6.1% + 1.25% +3.5% = 10.85% over his current salary.

The information I’m sharing is now public record, but it hasn’t been approved by the full board.

Let me know if you have more questions,


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