Memo from Chancellor


TO:                         Alamo Colleges Family  

FROM:                  Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor

RE:                          You Make a Difference Now & In the Future

DATE:                    March 29, 2012

At the March 27th Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved the faculty salary plan, subject to identifying savings of some additional $1.4 million to fund the package.  
Immense thanks go out to the Faculty Compensation Review Committee, co-chaired by George Johnson and Dr. Zeigler, for their commitment to this process.  Special thanks to Dr. Brian Stout for his significant contributions to the process.  This was a collaborative effort, involving much patience, open and honest dialogue, and compromise.  Discussions of this nature are never easy and all involved went above and beyond to develop the new salary package.    
If you recall, about three years ago, we completed the Fox salary study after investing funds to achieve market equity and eliminate compression disparities.  Our plan then was to invest in a similar project for the faculty salary plan, and last night the Board action brought closure to this important effort.  The next step is to complete a similar study for our administrators.  Each phase ensures that our compensation plans are competitive and sustainable and capable of remaining so over the long-term.
Our immediate sights are set on the budget retreat scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, April 2nd – 3rd.  Again, 50 leaders from throughout our system will gather to revisit and revise our budget plan and identify additional strategies to ensure a balanced budget for the next year.  The primary objective is to identify $5 million in savings in order to finance $1.4 million of the faculty salary plan and an approximate $4 million to self-fund salary increases for staff and administrators (self-fund meaning to find the funds through efficiencies or other savings rather than by increasing taxes or tuition).  Diane Snyder, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, will communicate outcomes from the retreat.

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