Month: April 2012

SAC AAUP votes to endorse Ramiro Nava

After much discussion and careful deliberation, the vote is in:

Members of the SAC AAUP hereby endorse RAMIRA NAVA for District 5 Board of Trustees.

We feel that Mr. Nava has endeavored to listen to and understand our advocacy issues. He also recognizes that there should not be a layer between faculty and the Board and looks forward to working with all stakeholders in putting “community” back into our community colleges.

Bully politics: National Council on Teacher Quality

Interesting article from truthout:

NCTQ has released one report on student teaching, and is poised to release a self-proclaimed national review of teacher preparation programs in the fall of 2012.

How, then, is this bully politics?

In both reports, NCTQ contacts departments and colleges of education with a simple but blunt request: Cooperate with us or we’ll evaluate you however we can, and publish our report regardless. These requests demand extensive data from the departments and colleges, and then subject these programs to standards and expectations designed by NCTQ completely decontextualized from the departments and colleges being “evaluated” against those standards. In other words, the basis for NCTQ’s evaluations have not been vetted by anyone for being credible. A department or college could very well be rated high or low and that rating mean little since the department or college may or may not consider the criteria of any value.

Beware of education think tanks hiding amongst the skirts of the news media. Media coverage of their reports and recommendations lend weight and validity where there is none.

Board Meeting tonight

The Policy and Long-Range Planning Committee meets at 5:30pm tonight to take possible action on a minute order to amend the faculty Promotion and Demotion policy. So far everything in the minute order just looks like an in-depth clarification of the promotion process. But there is another proposed item for the demotion process – there’s no red editing on it, so can’t tell if this is new:

The Chancellor is authorized to approve the demotion of employees.


Involuntary demotion of faculty members shall be in accordance with faculty progressive discipline procedures.

Here’s a link to the full Board agenda. Meeting begins at 6pm, Sheridan.

News: Education Dept will count part-time and transfer students in college completion rates

Overhauling the Graduation-Rate Calculus: Now the Hard Part Begins

This week’s news was especially welcome  among community colleges, which have long wanted transfer students to be included in national college-completion figures. Under the current system—in which only full-time, first-time degree- or certificate-seeking students are counted if they complete their programs—community colleges often appear to be laggards in graduating their students. That’s in part because a large proportion of those students attend part time and in part because hundreds of thousands of students every year transfer from a community college to a four-year institution. In so doing, the colleges are fulfilling one of their missions. But they don’t get credit for it.

A much welcome change! The Texas Business Association (and legislators!) need to see all the facts before continuing their push to tie funding to graduation rates:


Inside Higher Ed also has an article on these billboards: