Director of “ideas” and student advising

The Ranger has news from last week’s SAC Faculty Senate meeting:

Chair Dawn Elmore-McCrary announced during Wednesday’s Faculty Senate meeting that the district has hired a director of “Alamo ideas” to tend a suggestion box and to aggressively pursue ideas submitted to save money.

and on the plan for each faculty member being assigned around 60 students to advise at the beginning of the semester:

Wallis said Banner access would be given to faculty to remove advising holds for students who need to register.

“That’s a mistake,” Psychology Chair Thomas Billimek said. “We’re going to be flooded; I can just see this. The week before registration starts we’re going to have 60 students outside of our doors trying to get access to registration. It’s not going to happen.”

Wallis said although faculty would be allowed to remove some holds, they would not be allowed to remove all.

Billimek said. “Banner is all or none. We were told time and time again that Banner is a system that does not allow any type of compartmentalization.”

Counselor Steve Samet said that if students have academic holds, faculty need to notify counselors. “If you remove it, we’re dead,” he said. “We just lost our key person that tracks all this so it’s ridiculous because we’re not getting to rehire anybody. These wonderful hiring freezes. Maybe we can get this director of Alamo ideas to come out and help with this stuff.”



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