Trustee hopeful meets with SAC AAUP

The Ranger reports on our meeting with Mr. Ramiro Nava, candidate for District 5 Trustee:

Candidate says he promotes decision-making at ‘front lines’

Dingman said faculty receives most of its information from The Ranger and not from the board itself. He said students should not have to use the Freedom of Information Act to get information from the board.

Nava responded saying that there must be open communication.

“I know you’re asking why do I want to do this for the Alamo Colleges,” Nava said. “I will tell you that I’m a graduate of the Alamo Colleges.”

His announcement was met with applause from AAUP members.

“San Antonio College did prepare me for the demands of a university. That transition to UTSA, I was prepared.” Nava said.

He said that having someone new on the board might give it a new perspective on its decision-making. “I’ve done a little bit of homework. I know that a few of them are very conservative,” Nava said. “A few of them don’t want to listen. They don’t want to open up, but maybe what they need is a new mind.”

What do you think?

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