Tuition increase passes 6-2




To:                  Alamo Colleges Family


From:             Leo Zuniga, Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications


Date:              May 5, 2012


Subject:        Retreat/Special Board Meeting Report


On behalf of Dr. Leslie, the following is a summary of proceedings at the Alamo Colleges Retreat/Special Board meeting of the Board of Trustees on May 5, 2012.

Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration Diane Snyder made the following presentations

Presentation on FY12 Financial Results

Presentation on FY13 Financial Overview and Operating Budget Forecast

Presentation on Status of FY11/FY12 Budget Strategic Initiatives (25 Strategies)

Presentation on Preliminary FY13 Budget Strategic Initiatives 

Presentation highlights included:

     – Project $2.4 million higher in maintenance and operations tax revenue
     – Spring 2012 contact hours were 1 million below forecast, thus a projection of $3 million in reduced state revenue
     – Identified $3.8 million of FY13 strategies to self-fund faculty and staff salary increases
     – Recommended investments of $3 million in preventive maintenance, $2 million in student success strategy fund, and $3 million in capital investment for            emergency preparedness
     – Fall enrollment trends: 2008 – 54,081; 2009 – 60,265; 2010 – 63,341; 2011 – 63,641
     – 2012 Spring enrollment – 58,356
     – Fiscal Year 2012 of 63,641 enrollment of which 10,507 were tuition exempt
     – Over the past 11 years, total state funding with benefits increased 1% while enrollment increased by 51%

Trustee Discussion Regarding Presentation of Preliminary FY13 Operating Budget Forecast and Budget Strategic Initiatives


Tuition Schedule for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Reflecting a Three Percent General Tuition Increase

On a 6-2 vote, the Board approved a 3% increase in tuition to support enrollment growth in 2012-2013.

Preparing the Proposed Operating Budget for FY13 with a 2% Salary Increase

This item was deferred for consideration at a later date.


Preparing the Proposed Operating Budget for FY13 

This item was deferred for consideration at a later date.




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