Nava beat Zarate at the polls on election day but ultimately lost by 191 votes in early voting.

The race was clean, positive, and is a win in several ways. More people are watching and talking about the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees. This includes several elected representatives who supported Nava and talked to us at the polls today. In fact, its safe to say SAC AAUP has made a *lot* of new friends via this campaign. We’ve increased our membership and gotten our name out there.

We need to keep it out there.

We will not sit down nor will we shut up. SAC AAUP will continue our work in putting “community” back into our community colleges. We will meet with Board members, representatives, city council members, and the local dogcatcher.

We will continue to listen to one another, support one another and keep everyone informed on the issues. We will continue to grow in size and influence.


What do you think?

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