So Inclusive & Refreshed Anyone Can See It

An email from Chancellor Bruce Leslie. Perhaps he could have presented this “refreshed Strategic Plan” to us at convocation instead of crowing about awards and new ad spots? Lead us, Dr. Leslie. “As you can see” is not leadership language.


We are pleased to report that, at the August Board meeting, the Trustees unanimously approved a refreshed Strategic Plan to serve the students and communities of the Alamo Colleges. This plan represents the collective work of hundreds of faculty, staff, students and community members and will serve as our roadmap to future success. From the discussion at the Board meeting it was clear that the Trustees were impressed with both the inclusive process by which this plan was developed and with the final product. We appreciate all of the time, energy, and outstanding thought leadership that so many of you provided to help construct this document. A complete copy of the revised Strategic Plan can be viewed on the website:

As you can see, this plan is both student- and employee-centric. The goals within are meaningful, measureable, ambitious and achievable. Some areas of special focus within this strategic blueprint include:

  • Student Success Initiatives (MyMAP: enhanced student orientation, educational pathways, advising, peer mentoring, early alert systems, etc.);
  • Providing Professional Development and Training opportunities for faculty and staff;
  • Strengthening our Educational and Community Partnerships;
  • Enhancing our Distance Education Course and Programs;
  • Continuing our Journey Toward Operational Excellence (improving systems and processes);
  • Promoting Environmental Sustainability (reducing our carbon footprint);
  • Enhancing our commitment to improve organizational communication and collaboration; and
  • Maintaining sound fiscal, budgetary, and investment practices.

While we have accomplished much over the past several years, there remains much more to achieve. The days of increased state funding and moderate institutional accountability are clearly behind us. It is our expectation that this new Strategic Plan will help us not only to survive, but also to thrive, as we move forward into our uncertain yet exciting future. Working together, we will turn this plan into progress and goals into reality.

As always, thank you for your continued support of, and dedication to, the students and communities of the Alamo Colleges.

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