Policy Update: Board responsibilities and job descriptions


September 18, 2012


Last night the Alamo Colleges’ Board of Trustees and Chancellor took the following policy actions in accordance with Policy B.5.3.


Approved Policy B.5.1 – Board Responsibilities

        This policy was amended to authorize the Board to approve substantive changes to the chancellor, vice chancellors, presidents, vice presidents and faculty job descriptions.

Approved Full-time Teaching Faculty – Job Description

        Approved Vice President for Academic Success – Job Description


Note:  Policies and procedures can be located at: 



        Tracked Changes can be located at:




        Job Descriptions can be found at:









        If you have questions about the content of policies/procedures, contact the department named at the top of the online policy/procedure.  If you need general assistance with the online policy website, contact the District Ethics and Compliance Office at 485-0057.



Eduardo “Eddie” Cruz, MBA, CCEP

District Ethics and Compliance Officer

Ethics and Compliance Department

Alamo Colleges


FAX 485-0064


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