Keeping Him in Alignment

Last week The Ranger reported on the Chancellor’s 7% raise. Trustee Jim Rindfuss explains:

“Rather than give him a 2 percent increase, we did an analysis, a study, of what the chancellors from the largest community colleges in the state were getting and we found out we were far too low to keep him in alignment,” he said. “It had nothing to do with 2 percent, plus this, plus that. It had to do with 2 percent was not adequate. We decided what was adequate, and we voted on that by doing the analysis similar to what we’ve done with the faculty.”

So faculty at the lower rungs of the ladder received a salary alignment after years of being underpaid (in relation to our peer institutions) so the Chancellor gets to have an alignment, too? Meanwhile, adjunct faculty (who are being hired to fill teaching positions vacated by full-time tenured faculty) received no pay raise.

What’s wrong with the picture?

What do you think?

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