Good News: Dr. Duong received his letter

Dr. Hoan Duong, tenured math professor at SAC, received some very good news around noon on Monday, October 29th. A letter of employment was signed which will allow him to remain teaching math with us here in the United States. Dr. Duong is a Canadian citizen but has been teaching for the Alamo College under a special NAFTA visa designation for professionals.

While we are very grateful that this issue has been resolved, there are some lingering concerns and questions regarding Dr. Duong’s situation:

1. There seemed to be some confusion at the Administrative level as to which visa Dr. Duong was seeking. Why wasn’t there a more concerted effort to talk to Dr. Duong to determine exactly what his needs were?

2. When Administration finally did determine the nature of Dr. Duong’s request, why was he kept in limbo for weeks? Time is of the essence and he, his family, his department, and his students needed to know if he would continue teaching in the Spring semester.

3. What are the Chancellor’s and the Board’s plan for establishing a policy regarding the hiring of international faculty? Does there even need to be a policy?

4. Are there other faculty in the District in the same or similar situation?

5. Is the District willing to sponsor an international faculty member so that they may gain citizenship?

6. What kind of policy and procedures are in place at other colleges (UTSA, for example, where many SAC students transfer) in hiring international instructors?

Faculty are eager to meet and discuss this issue further with the Chancellor and the Board.

What do you think?

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