Massive Open Online Courses. Chancellor Leslie and several Board members are currently entranced with the prospect of our students enrolling in a MOOC and learning from a Harvard or MIT professor.

But what about the success rates of students in MOOCs? Drop out rates? The certification process? Pedagogical implications? Is this really the best way to serve our community of students? The answers to those questions are messy and require discussion. And research. Here are a few links:

Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility

Jump Off the Coursera Bandwagon

Professor Leaves a MOOC in Mid-course in Dispute Over Teaching

Good MOOCs, Bad MOOCs

MOOCs’ Missing Pieces

Why the Rush Towards MOOCs?

Rather than investing in MOOC’s and crowd-learning, colleges should devote their efforts in developing technological tools that can support faculty and existing students. Systems like MOOC’s would facilitate a rush to quantity rather than quality, while offering few practical solutions to the broader issues facing colleges.

What do you think?

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