Deadbeat Chancellor

bruceChancellor Bruce Leslie has been experiencing some difficulty with his signature. From The Ranger:

In exchange for a three-hour class that paid $4,100, journalism Adjunct Jerry Townsend, who serves as chair of Adjunct Faculty Council, agreed to accept a stipend of $2,500 to support his council organizing activities.

Prof. Townsend’s stipend was denied by Chancellor Leslie in December, after his work with the Adjunct Faculty Council was completed. Townsend then asked the SAC AAUP to get involved and so we notified the AC Board of Trustees via email last Sunday night. Then this happened:

Townsend, who had planned to address a complaint about the decision to the Alamo Colleges board of trustees at Tuesday’s regular board meeting, said Zeigler called him Tuesday morning to tell him Leslie changed his mind Monday night.

Is this really the kind of relationship the Chancellor wishes to continue with the faculty of the Alamo Colleges? Denying pay for work completed and then changing his mind once the Board is notified of his actions?

The Program Coordinators mentioned in The Ranger article are now being paid for their work this semester (the Chancellor found his pen), but more than a few have noticed that the agreed upon stipend amount is NOT what the Chancellor has approved. In some cases the stipend amount has been cut in half from what it was last semester. The work is the same, but for less pay.

One comment

  1. Actually, I was notified in mid-November about the stipend cancellation. Also, I believe the chancellor changed his mind during the day Monday, rather than Monday night. Small things, but just wanted to be fully accurate. Jerry Townsend

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