UT Brownsville Prof reinstated

Staff Attorney Russell Ramirez represented Marvin Lovett. Lovett is the only person reinstated with rank, tenure, and back pay as of this date.

Educator Who Fought Layoff Back on Campus

By Melissa Montoya The Brownsville Herald

One of the professors who filed a grievance with the University of Texas at Brownsville after being laid off during the school’s reduction in force will return to the classroom when the semester begins on Monday.

Marvin Lovett, a marketing professor at the university, said he is looking forward to teaching once again after being away from the classroom during the fall.

“It was a very uncomfortable time,” Lovett said.

Lovett and three other faculty members were represented by the Texas Faculty Association, which filed grievances with the university as well as filing complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Lovett and the three professors were given notifications in 2012 that their positions would be terminated in May 2013. University officials say Lovett and more than 80 professors were let go to cut costs because of the separation with Texas Southmost College.

Lovett said he could not provide any details regarding the settlement with the university, but he said he was being granted his tenure and full rank.

Now that Lovett will return, he said, he feels “great.”

“I’m really looking forward to the new UT-RGV,” he added.

Letty Fernandez, spokeswoman for UTB, said the university does not comment on personnel issues.

Lovett thanked Tom Coyle, who was previously the chair of the program, for supporting him during the committee process that had voted to let Lovett go.

Although Lovett is looking forward to returning to the university, he said he does so with some trepidation because the members of the committee that had originally let him go are faculty members in his department.

Lovett will teach three classes this semester, he said.

Mary Aldridge Dean, executive director of the TFA, said the other three professors represented by the association have not been granted their full rank or tenure, but it’s possible they may still be working at the school as adjunct professors.

“With in the next week or two, legal is going to decide how they approach their situation,” Aldridge Dean said.

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