Town Hall brings up questions, concerns

Here are just a few of the many questions and concerns re: recent core curriculum change brought up at the SAC Town Hall meeting on Monday:

1. Who is qualified to teach the EDUC 1300 course? Have instructors been trained on the curriculum? Will these instructors be ready to teach a new core course by Fall 2014?

2. What is the curriculum? Where is the course syllabus? What instructional materials will be used?

3. Will students have to pay for the instructional materials since Covey is essentially using our students in order to break into the higher education market?

4. What procedures are in place for scheduling the amount of course sections necessary to deliver instruction to 60,000 students across 5 colleges? Is classroom space available? Will online sections be offered?

5. If a student is not “college ready” they will still be required to take a Student Development course on top of the EDUC 1300 class. Student Development classes already incorporate Covey principles. So students will have to pay for TWO classes which cover the same material?

6. What if a student needs another Humanities course in order to successfully transfer to a 4 year institution? A student previously had the choice of adding such a class under the Humanities area of the core. Now with this choice taken away, students will have to take and pay for an EXTRA class (plus instructional materials) in order to transfer?

7. Where is the proof that EDUC 1300 will be effective for our students? How does it stack up to the already proven success shown in our Student Development courses which cover the same Covey principles?

What do you think?

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