Zeigler pens point of clarification

The following email was sent out to all SAC employees today at 3:02pm.


As you know, there is some controversy over the proposed addition of the new course in the core curriculum which includes the Covey leadership principles. The Ranger covered this complex issue in the Friday edition. I continue to be proud of the Ranger’s willingness to deal with controversial subjects. As usual, the reporter did an excellent job .

I would like to make one point of clarification. In my comments and discussion of this issue, any reference to contacting the Coordinating Board was meant to be in the context of my understanding of the intent of the Super Senate. The San Antonio College Executive team has no intention of contacting the Coordinating Board. The Team views this as a college/district process issue and is interested in helping find ways to avoid similar problems in the future.

Thank you,

Bob Zeigler

Chancellor Bruce Leslie was copied on the email.

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