More Ranger articles on core curriculum: synergy, students, university opposition

1. Chancellor complains faculty is disrupting his ‘synergy’

He explains his actions further saying, “With no purposeful arguments other than ‘no’ presented not to include EDUC 1300 in the core, I acted.”

Throughout this process, Leslie has stressed the importance of Covey’s Habit 6: Synergy, the idea that “two heads are better than one.”

This is from Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” which will be included in the course.

“It is difficult to find synergy when there is little to work with other than ‘no’,” Leslie wrote.

2. Students oppose core change

“It’s like they’re trying to create American workers, robots, not American citizens,” Taylor said.

“They’re taking away our critical thinking and replacing them with habit training,” she said. “Adding classes like this is just a roadblock for students who are actually trying to take major-related classes. This is college, not high school. Honestly, it all feels too reminiscent of preschool.”

3. Universities oppose humanities cut

“The Alamo Colleges are absolutely wrong,” Dr. Larry Carver, English professor and director of liberal arts at UT-Austin, said in a phone interview Tuesday. “Taking humanities from the core will prevent students from thriving in this world, and they’ll be poorer for it.”

From Russian conflicts and terrorism prevention to climate change, drought and ecological degradation, Carver said none of the day’s vital issues can be solved without exposure to the humanistic disciplines of literature, philosophy and basic humanities. “The humanities are absolutely central to everything we do,” he said.

Carver said people have an abundance of scientific expertise, research, equipment and technological advances, which will be futile without courses that put the human experience back into society.

“Imagine politicians, engineers and scientists without a sense of our past or ideals of our culture,” Carver said. “As far as business and life skills go, learning frameworks courses cannot do justice to the writing and communication skills you gain in courses like literature.”

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