THECB approves EDUC 1300 addition to the core

This decision was expected based on the response the SAC Faculty Senate received from Dr. Rex Peebles yesterday. While he understood the Senate’s concern about the college’s core curriculum change procedures not being followed by Chancellor Bruce Leslie, the THECB ultimately only follows their own rules.

Date: March 5, 2014 at 9:26:17 AM CST
Subject: Core Curriculum Approved

Sent on behalf of Rex Peebles, Assistant Commissioner, Workforce, Academic Affairs and Research Division, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

Thank you for submitting your institution’s 2014 Core Curriculum and related documentation for Coordinating Board review. Staff have completed the review and your academic year 2014 Core Curriculum is provided as an attachment. If your institution submitted courses that were not approved, the attachment will also include a list of those courses. No changes or alterations to your institution’s 2014 Core Curriculum may be made.
Your institution’s approved core curriculum courses will be in effect for all incoming students beginning in fall 2014. The Coordinating Board’s website (


    1. How? What pressure? This is a joke. Faculty have no recourse. The only way to stop this insanity is to oust the chancellor who ‘serves’ the board. The current structure of despotism/administration at the Alamo Colleges is such that the faculty, staff, and students have no practical voice in any matter of governance. Its a crying shame, but this and every other dictate from this clown will stand until the people of San Antonio vote out the entire Board of Trustees; they are all as selfish, guilty, and corrupt as Leslie and deserve no confidence or respect from the people of San Antonio. We deserve better than this.

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