THECB’s Rex Peebles response to SAC Faculty Senate concerns

From: Peebles, Rex []
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 9:55 AM
To: Elmore, Dawn L
Subject: RE: San Antonio College Faculty Senate response to Alamo Colleges core curriculum addendum request

Dear Dr. Elmore,

I received your email and supporting documentation on February 26. Thank you. I have reviewed the documentation carefully. I have also carefully reviewed the Core submission materials submitted by the Alamo system, particularly the Core submission process documentation. I believe I understand the disparate positions of the Faculty Senates and the Chancellor, and the grounds for disagreement regarding process. However, the inclusion or exclusion of a particular course submitted for the Core Curriculum must be determined by our process. The inclusion or exclusion is based on whether the course meets one or more of the Foundation Component Area Definitions and addresses the applicable Core Objectives.

Best Regards,

Rex C Peebles, PhD
Assistant Commissioner
Workforce, Academic Affairs, and Research
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
P. O. Box 12788
Austin, Tx 78711

From: Elmore, Dawn L []
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 2:29 PM
To: Peebles, Rex
Cc: SacFSenate; Leslie, Bruce H; Zeigler, Robert E; Hudspeth, Gregory C; Marioneaux, Viviane; Lee, Patrick R; Johnson, George H; Hammel, Sabrina I; Vela, Robert H; Mrizek, David E; Krueger, Conrad D; Rockey, Timothy L; Walker, Vernell E; Wood, David A; Johnson, Alice H; Mendiola, Emma L
Subject: San Antonio College Faculty Senate response to Alamo Colleges core curriculum addendum request

Dear Dr. Peebles:

Attached to this message are a letter from the San Antonio College Faculty Senate on behalf of our constituents and supporting documentation regarding the January 3rd, 2014 addendum to Alamo Colleges core curriculum. Our college’s administration is aware of and supportive of our efforts to engage in the process of making our views heard through appropriate channels. We appreciate your consideration of our thoughts.


Dawn Elmore

Dawn L. Elmore, PhD
Faculty Senate President
San Antonio College
1300 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 486-0667

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