Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s private shower and panic button

panicWe’ve fallen behind on some of the stories which broke right before and during Spring Break. Let’s catch up.

The planned $131 million Alamo Colleges Administrative complex at Playland Park met with so much opposition when it was first introduced in 2008 that it dropped under the table. Now the plan is back with a few specific details:

The chancellor’s suite would have an 80-assignable-square-foot private restroom and shower.

A panic button would also be installed that alerts district police if the chancellor or his staff are being threatened.

Chancellor Bruce Leslie needed that panic button out at a NVC faculty meet and greet when he was confronted by a student voicing her concerns about the recently approved curriculum change:

As they exchanged questions and responses, Morrow asked if Leslie is receiving any “kickbacks” from FranklinCovey or the publishing company Pearson.

Leslie explained that it was against policy for anyone at the Alamo Colleges to take money from a company they are working with.

“That has never happened,” he said. “To make that kind of accusation is wrong. You need to be careful about what you’re suggesting.”

Aaron Morrow, mother of Alexis Morrow, joined the discussion, saying her daughter was only asking a question, not making an accusation.

Leslie responded that it was an accusation she had no right to make.

“It’s a dangerous thing to say to someone in my position,” he said.

“Are you saying EDUC is more valuable than studying the humanities?” Alexis Morrow asked.

“We have a high dropout rate,” Leslie said. “If we can give them classes that will keep them longer, then we’re giving them the opportunity to come back and take humanities as an elective if they want.”

When Torres suggested that students learn enough about Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” in grade school, the chancellor said, “No, maybe you did, but every student does not have access to leadership training.”

“SDEV isn’t helping us, every student I’ve ever talked to says it’s a blow-off class and they didn’t learn anything,” Torres told the chancellor.

“No, no, you’re not right. I’m sure you think that, but you’re wrong. No. No. No,” Leslie responded as Alexis and Torres asked more questions.

“It’s already been approved by the board,” he said, adding that EDUC 1300 has been approved and that an argument at this stage is a waste of time.

And then 9 faculty members walked out of the meet and greet when Chancellor Leslie tried to shake a faculty member’s hand. Tough audience.

Morrow has absolutely every right to ask questions pertaining to your relationship with a private company, Chancellor Leslie. You have after all established a pattern of behavior which does not sow trust amongst staff, faculty or students. You have attempted to privatize curriculum in the past. You made an end-run around the curriculum approval process in order to privatize a required portion of the curriculum. It doesn’t pass the smell test. It stinks to high heaven. In fact, the ACCD FLAA has submitted a public information request for any/all contracts and correspondence between the Alamo Colleges and Franklin Covey and Pearson.


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