SACS questions curriculum change, PAC students take over Chancellor’s forum

It has been another rough week for Chancellor Bruce Leslie.

First off his core curriculum change shenanigans caught the eye of SACS, the college accreditation agency. They are concerned with the process by which EDUC 1300 replaced our humanities courses and with the curriculum for the course.

Just to recap: curriculum approval procedures at each independently accredited college were outright ignored, cutting faculty completely out of the vetting process. The Chancellor slipped the course into the District’s THECB curriculum proposal months after the initial submission. No one knows what the curriculum consists of or exactly who is qualified and available to teach EDUC 1300 in Fall 2014. SAC alone is slated to teach 80 sections of this course in the fall. The college is scrambling to find faculty volunteers who have the required 18 hours in education. Quite a challenge considering there’s no curriculum yet! Or a plan in place to train faculty on the course outcomes and FranklinCovey methodology.

Then on Thursday morning at PAC, around 350+ students showed up at the auditorium for the Chancellor’s forum and just…took over. The topic of vital interest to students is the new Instructional Materials policy (single textbook, cost included in tuition, online edition.)

One attendee reported on the student-led effort:

There were approx 350 students at the Chancellor’s forum. The Chancellor began to speak and after 3 slides into the event the students took over. They made statements from beginning to end – the entire 2 hours – with sporadic comments from the Chancellor as he tried to answer the questions. The students did not relent. Several students stood up and went in front of the auditorium and addressed the audience.

There is video of this event:

Update: The Ranger article covering this event contains several choice quotes from students and the Chancellor.

Major kudos to the students at PAC for standing up for what they believe is right. They are clearly weary of District administrators telling them that these decisions have “nothing to do with them,” that they are “being manipulated by faculty,” and further discussion is a “waste of time.”

Bottom line? Students are tired of being disrespected.

What do you think?

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