SACS president Belle Wheelan speaks out about EDUC 1300

Belle WheelanInside Higher Ed reports on the recent SACS interest in EDUC 1300:

Remembering the Alamo (Faculty)

Belle Wheelan, SACS president, said in an interview that “we want them to send back to us an explanation of what the course contains, as well as the process the college went through to get approval the [state] board and how involved the college was.”

If SACS finds that the college was “not that involved, and the system’s office did it, then we’ve have to go in and investigate, because they’d be out of compliance with standards.”

The college has until April 15 to prepare the report.

Claunch, Northwest Vista’s president, said she’d prepare a “perfectly truthful” report for SACS about EDUC 1300, as it’s listed in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board list of approved courses. Claunch said no college ever wanted to be under the scrutiny of an accreditor, but that she was “proud” of the professional way in which instructors had raised their concerns with the state board.

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