Month: April 2014

SAC, NVC, PAC respond to accrediting agency

Original post updated to include PAC’s response.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, each college is still on the hook with the SACS accrediting agency over Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s rush to implement the EDUC 1300 Covey course in the Fall. Even though he eventually rescinded his decision, Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s reckless actions still put each college’s accreditation at risk. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what the SAC, NVC and PAC presidents wrote in response to SACS inquiries:

Here are the sections of each response which state that college procedures were NOT followed:

SAC: In December 2013, a decision was made in the interest of expediency to revise EDUC 1300 and put it into the core curriculum without going through the appropriate process. By February 2014, the SAC Executive Team communicated its concerns about not following process to the Chancellor and began working to take the course back through the proper curriculum approval process before the new core is implemented in Fall 2014. As of this writing, the SAC Curriculum Review committee is set to resume the proper process for reviewing courses by considering two questions before the end of April 2014: (1) Are the revisions to PSYC 1300/EDUC 1300 approved? and (2) Should EDUC 1300 be placed into the general education core? Fortunately, the Chancellor’s decision to retract EDUC 1300 from the core on April 8 provides a reprieve that now permits SAC to send the course through the proper review process.

NVC: As SACSCOC is aware, controversy arose at Northwest Vista and across the five Alamo Colleges when in December 2013, the Chancellor of the Alamo Colleges announced to the Presidents/Vice Chancellors Team his intent to change the core curriculum to require an EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks course. That change would have resulted in the deletion of one of two humanities courses from the core curriculum and its replacement in the core with a course entitled Learning Frameworks and offered under an education rubric (EDUC1300). That decision did not follow the established curriculum change process. The faculty at Northwest Vista College were not consulted and did not approve the proposed changes. Following media attention and communication from SACSCOC, the Chancellor decided to rescind the proposed changes, leaving the core elements for the coming year as they now exist.

PAC: A Core Curriculum Proposal document was created for EDUC/PSYC 1300 and placed on the list of core proposals which is maintained on the Alamo Colleges Curriculum Council internal website. However, this proposal was  placed on the core proposal list on January 27, 2014 (Appendix B9), which was seven weeks after the Common Core Curriculum for 2014-2015 was originally submitted to the THECB. The core proposal was never reviewed by members of the Alamo Colleges Curriculum Council. The Alamo Common Core Curriculum proposal was submitted to the THECB on December 5, 2013 (Appendix B10) and was approved on March 5, 2014 (Appendix A3). The procedures in place for ensuring cross-college faculty and administrative approval of changes to the core curriculum did not occur in this one instance.

In light of this evidence, we want to know exactly what Chancellor Bruce Leslie sent to the THECB when he requested approval for the addition of EDUC 1300 to the core curriculum. Did he in fact state that the District followed the proper curriculum change procedures?

Beautiful Day for a Candidate Forum

Hello again! We’ve been on hiatus while working on the Board of Trustees election. The Pulido, Kingsbery and Grieder campaigns have been going strong with fundraising, phone banking and block walking. Early voting started this week and runs through May 6. Take a look at the early voting overall totals. There have been only 13 total votes at SAC’s Eco Centro location on Main. We hope to see an increase in that number and the numbers at all early voting locations after today’s Candidate Forums at St. Philips College (11-12:30, Heritage Room) and San Antonio College.

The candidate forum at SAC takes place this afternoon at 3pm in the McAllister Auditorium and is sponsored by the Alamo Colleges Student District Council:


Talkback: Express-News editorial calls for ‘better dialogue’

The editorial board at the Express-News needs a little straightening out.

We encourage you to leave comments under this weak attempt to label Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s reckless actions as mere “squabbles” with faculty and students who “feel” left out:

Alamo Colleges needs better dialogue

The very real issue of each college’s accreditation – put directly in the line of fire by Leslie’s reckless actions – is still a thing. It cannot be swept under the rug.

SAC AAUP endorses Pulido, Kingsbery, Grieder

In the upcoming Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees election, the membership of the SAC AAUP has voted to endorse Lorraine Pulido for District 4, Clint Kingsbery in District 8, and Felix Grieder in District 9.

We believe that if elected these three “clean slate” candidates will work to restore shared governance, support open and transparent communication and processes, and hold Chancellor Leslie accountable for decisions which directly threaten each college’s accreditation.

District 4 – Lorraine Pulido

District 8 – Clint Kingsbery
District 9 – Felix Grieder



If you are interested in block walking or phone banking over the next few weeks or would like to volunteer at the polls on election day, please reach out to the candidates through their websites. In these May elections early voting makes a big difference and EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. When SAC AAUP last supported a candidate (Ramiro Nava v. Roberto Zarate) we won the day of the election thanks to volunteers who showed up to work the polling locations, but lost by 191 votes in early voting. We can’t let this happen again.

Early voting begins April 28 and runs through May 6. May 10 is election day.

Not sure which district you live in? Type in your zip code here. San Antonio College is an early voting location this year. See all early voting locations here.

Let’s work together to put community back into our community colleges.


The Ranger profiles Board candidates

Today’s issue of The Ranger contains profiles of all the Board candidates:

Early voting begins April 28 and runs through May 6. May 10 is election day.

Not sure which district you live in? Type in your zip code here. San Antonio College is an early voting location this year. See all early voting locations here.

Still on the hook with SACS

4 years ago, an article was published in the May-June issue of AAUP’s Academe about Chancellor Bruce Leslie:

Texas Hold Him

Members of the San Antonio community college system’s board of trustees ignore faculty concerns and reward their chancellor with a generous contract.
By Robert J. Pohl
Give it a read through and you’ll see not a lot has changed since this article was published. Issues of college independence, administrative bloat, accreditation, shared governance, and faculty ratios are all still concerns.
And speaking of accreditation, even though Chancellor Leslie backed down on plans to implement EDUC 1300 for Fall 2014, the colleges still have to answer to the SACS accrediting agency on issues of autonomy and our curriculum approval process. Our college catalogs are also in disarray mere weeks from the start of Fall 2014 registration. Chancellor Leslie’s gross failure of leadership is hurting the students of the Alamo Colleges. But Board elections are coming up. And Chancellor Leslie serves at the pleasure of the Board.
Time for new Board members.