Administrative bloat and CBE

Back in 2011, Benjamin Ginsberg (professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University and author of The Fall of the Faculty: The Rise of the All-Administrative University and Why It Matters, Oxford University Press, 2011) penned an article for the Washington Monthly which raised administrative hackles across the nation.

Administrators Ate My Tuition

Want to get college costs in line? Start by cutting the overgrown management ranks.


One of the current Alamo Colleges Board of Trustee candidates has published pieces of a report put together by NVC on the rising cost and growth of District administration and how much less we are spending per student. Take a look:

There are also further hints at Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s move towards a CBE approach (competency-based education) which will be of no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the changes he’s brought to the Alamo Colleges in the last few years. Chancellor Leslie is quite fond of Rio Salado and Western Governors University efforts in this direction.
Speaking of Rio Salado and WGU, here’s an interesting link:
  1. Chancellor Bruce Leslie and Dr. Chris Bustamante (President of Rio Salado) are members of the board of trustees for CAEL – an organization which deals in competency-based education
  2. Bustamante and Robert Mendenhall (President of WGU) are members of the board of directors for Presidents’ Forum – an organization that looks into alternative paths for learning (ie: competency-based) and has received funding from the Gates Foundation
  3. Also on that board is the President of Excelsior College, Dr. John F. Ebersole, the college that is currently being sued by nursing students for the lack of preparation they received from that college’s CBE approach. 

Is this where the Chancellor is leading us? Demolish the “mini-university” model of the community college to turn us into an online degree mill?

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