EDUC 1300 process sows confusion

Wow. This Ranger article really outlines just how much confusion there is surrounding the process for EDUC 1300.

Emma Mendiola, SAC Dean of Student Affairs: a 22-member Learning Framework and Student Development committee will make decisions about who will teach the course and the textbooks to be used, and the committee will craft a syllabus.

Jo-Carol Fabianke, District Vice Chancellor for Academic Success: That committee will only be finalizing the learning outcomes.

Vernell Walker, SAC Dean of Professional and Technical Education: We know the district did not go through the proper process, so we’re going to recommend whether or not the course should appear in the core. As with all decisions, our opinions don’t mean he has to go along with it. The chancellor has the final decision in the matter.

Bruce Leslie, Chancellor: I’m looking for great suggestions to those issues and if people can come up with a really, really good suggestion that benefits most students, then I’m very open to it. But I’ve yet to hear any good suggestions.


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