Ranger asks “What will students be signing up for?”

No one knows. But District administration is very confident that EDUC 1300 will remain in the core:

Some faculty involved in Friday’s Learning Framework and Student Development committee meeting wonder how EDUC 1300 will be completed in time for the April 21 start of fall registration, and it looks as if students may be registering for a class that is barely in the planning stages.

“We know we’ll offer the class, so we can put it on the schedule,” Jo-Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor of academic success, said in a phone interview Monday. “The curriculum decisions and training just need to be done by the beginning of the fall semester.”

Talk about putting the cart before the horse! Jo-Carol Fabianke might consider investing in one of those Franklin products. We hear they can help prevent this type of poor planning.


How will each college identify faculty with the required 18 hours in education AND train them in Covey methodology before the start of Fall 2014? Will faculty be expected to come in over the summer when they are off contract to do training? Will they be compensated for that time? No one knows. But one thing is for sure about this course:

Fabianke confirmed previously that FranklinCovey Co., creator of training materials accompanying Stephen Covey’s bestselling “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” have been asked to provide instructional material unique to the district for EDUC 1300.

Maybe that’s where the bottleneck is with the implementation of this course. We are waiting on that private, Utah-based corporation to create what our students will learn.


What do you think?

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