Chancellor Bruce Leslie caves on EDUC 1300 and IMs


TO:                  The Alamo Colleges Family


FROM:             Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor


RE:                  EDUC 1300 and Instructional Materials


DATE:             April 8, 2014


With the engagement of many faculty, staff and administrators, the Alamo Colleges has been redesigning our organizational, student and academic success systems in response to our focus on improved student success and new levels of financial accountability required by the Texas Legislature.  We are engaged in several state and national consortia, including Texas Completes, in which we have joined with our peer institutions the pursuit of best practices based on sound research. Among these strategies has been the development of EDUC 1300, which, according to several colleges has proven to be “transformational” in the improvement of student retention and completion. Further, based on Board of Trustee charges to respond to student requests to seek lower prices for Instructional Materials (IMs), we have sought to redesign our IM practices by (1) ensuring that all students have the required IMs on the first day of class, (2) providing IMs that are proven effective in student learning and (3) reducing the cost of IMs for our students.

While it troubles me to write this, I have decided that it is in the best interests of the Alamo Colleges to redirect our efforts to place the EDUC 1300 course as part of the core.  The controversy and divisiveness surrounding this issue have simply outweighed the necessity to push ahead at this time.  For the same reason, we will not be linking all IM purchases to the registration process in the upcoming term.  I make these decisions at the same time learning from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board that over twenty other colleges and universities in Texas are adding the Learning Framework course to their core curriculum and even more institutions are moving forward with similar IM initiatives as they see the tremendous value these strategies are having on student success.  I am encouraged by their student-centric leadership and progressive thinking.  For now, I asked Dr. Fabianke last week to contact the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and our internal committees to make these adjustments.  I know many of you will be pleased and many will be disappointed by these actions but I feel that we need to refocus our collective energy and attention on working together and strengthening our processes in an effort to best serve our students and communities.

More information will be forthcoming in the next few days clarifying our specific Board charges and goals. I look forward to our continuing conversations, in fact broadening our engagement, including participation of students, to accomplish our mutual goal to increase student success for all students. Your participation, recommendations and advice is encouraged so that our solutions to the complex challenges of ensuring all students successfully achieve a degree/certificate, transfer and/or successfully obtain career employment are realized.

Dr. Bruce Leslie, Chancellor
Alamo Colleges
201 W. Sheridan, Bldg. B
San Antonio, TX 78204-1429
(210) 485-0020 (Phone)
(210) 486-9165 (Fax)

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