Still on the hook with SACS

4 years ago, an article was published in the May-June issue of AAUP’s Academe about Chancellor Bruce Leslie:

Texas Hold Him

Members of the San Antonio community college system’s board of trustees ignore faculty concerns and reward their chancellor with a generous contract.
By Robert J. Pohl
Give it a read through and you’ll see not a lot has changed since this article was published. Issues of college independence, administrative bloat, accreditation, shared governance, and faculty ratios are all still concerns.
And speaking of accreditation, even though Chancellor Leslie backed down on plans to implement EDUC 1300 for Fall 2014, the colleges still have to answer to the SACS accrediting agency on issues of autonomy and our curriculum approval process. Our college catalogs are also in disarray mere weeks from the start of Fall 2014 registration. Chancellor Leslie’s gross failure of leadership is hurting the students of the Alamo Colleges. But Board elections are coming up. And Chancellor Leslie serves at the pleasure of the Board.
Time for new Board members.

What do you think?

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