SAC AAUP endorses Pulido, Kingsbery, Grieder

In the upcoming Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees election, the membership of the SAC AAUP has voted to endorse Lorraine Pulido for District 4, Clint Kingsbery in District 8, and Felix Grieder in District 9.

We believe that if elected these three “clean slate” candidates will work to restore shared governance, support open and transparent communication and processes, and hold Chancellor Leslie accountable for decisions which directly threaten each college’s accreditation.

District 4 – Lorraine Pulido

District 8 – Clint Kingsbery
District 9 – Felix Grieder



If you are interested in block walking or phone banking over the next few weeks or would like to volunteer at the polls on election day, please reach out to the candidates through their websites. In these May elections early voting makes a big difference and EVERY SINGLE VOTE COUNTS. When SAC AAUP last supported a candidate (Ramiro Nava v. Roberto Zarate) we won the day of the election thanks to volunteers who showed up to work the polling locations, but lost by 191 votes in early voting. We can’t let this happen again.

Early voting begins April 28 and runs through May 6. May 10 is election day.

Not sure which district you live in? Type in your zip code here. San Antonio College is an early voting location this year. See all early voting locations here.

Let’s work together to put community back into our community colleges.


What do you think?

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