Talkback: Express-News editorial calls for ‘better dialogue’

The editorial board at the Express-News needs a little straightening out.

We encourage you to leave comments under this weak attempt to label Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s reckless actions as mere “squabbles” with faculty and students who “feel” left out:

Alamo Colleges needs better dialogue

The very real issue of each college’s accreditation – put directly in the line of fire by Leslie’s reckless actions – is still a thing. It cannot be swept under the rug.

One comment

  1. The best weapon against a lie is the truth. This man has wasted millions of our tax dollars in his lame pet projects such as the “re branding of the district,” failed on line student evaluations that only a hand full of students use, and expensive Covey training that disrupted the entire district and benefited virtually no one. At my campus alone we wasted over a million dollars just on the vain project of renaming and redesigning every building on campus while we had to fight just to get enough money to print final exams. His very ethically questionable relationship with Covey and other corporations that the district does business with would have cost any other employee their job a long time ago. He has robbed the college so much to feed his own ambitions that almost one in every four tax dollars goes to his bureaucracy, a bureaucracy that does nothing but suck resources away from the educational process. He has so demoralized and abused the faculty that many of our best people have left. He has created in his tenure as chancellor so much distrust among the students and faculty within the district that no amount of team building can repair. AAUP needs to find some way to get truth out about what has gone on in this district to the taxpayers and voters throughout this district. If not through the Express News then through some other news media source.

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