Month: May 2014

News from Kingsbery campaign in District 8

Important UPDATE on early voting and election day info:

  • Early voting starts June 9th
  • Election day is June 21st

From Clint Kingsbery, posted on his Facebook page May 23:

Finally some news worth sharing. The election was canvassed on Monday, May 19th and the results were finalized. I ended up with 45% of the vote, defeating my closest opponent by over 13%.

The ballot position drawing followed this and as luck would have it, I am first position on the ballot. As this is the only race happening, this could be beneficial.

On Wednesday, I met with a number of supporters and we worked out a plan. I was also informed via email that the election date of June 14th was incorrect and would be pushed to the 21st. That means early voting begins June 9th through the 17th, except for that Sunday.

Steve Gonzales has officially endorsed my campaign and I’m very glad that he has. He and I had similar messages overall and I feel his endorsement will bring additional support.

We have also planned for a fundraiser on June 5th (Thursday). Details of which will be posted in the near future, but try to keep your calendar open if you can.

As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you and the community in the near future. We can win this and bring back the greatness of the Alamo Community Colleges.


Want to help Kingsbery beat incumbent Gary Beitzel in the District 8 runoff? Please contact Kingsbery via his Facebook page or campaign website for info on fundraising, canvassing, and working the polls.

SAC Presidential Candidates

Here they are. Resumes and letters of interest are linked on that page along with the dates/times for their campus interviews.

We also found more information on one of the candidates, Dr. Leslie Navarro.

Before she was President of Morton College, she was the head librarian at Austin Community College, putting her in a very unique position to understand the importance of libraries in the community college. Her dissertation, The Learning College Library Concept: The Role of the Community College Library in a Learning College Environment, found that libraries were active participants in student learning by offering curriculum based workshops and individual instruction, thereby fostering a learning-centered environment.

In this article published in Diverse (Reflecting on Lessons for Community College Leaders), Navarro speaks about the importance of communication and building relationships between administration, faculty, staff, students, and the community.

She was a finalist for the Santa Fe Community College presidency in 2012. In case you missed it, here’s what happened to the candidate who won that job – Ana “Cha” Guzman was fired and took a $500,000 settlement.

We’ll be looking for more information on each candidate.

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Last of the Tenured Librarians

The Board of Trustees meets tonight. See the agenda here.

One very important agenda item is the proposed approval list of tenured faculty which includes what will be the last group of tenured librarians in the Alamo Colleges.

Keeping tenure for incoming librarians is one of our advocacy issues. SAC AAUP hopes to revisit this issue when we get a new Chancellor. Currently any new librarians are hired as staff on 12 month salaries doing the same job with the same credentials for much less pay.

Kingsbery & Pulido locked in runoff battles

It’s been a very long weekend plus a Monday, but Pulido (District 4) and Kingsbery (District 8) will continue to push hard into their runoff elections.

Important UPDATE on early voting and election day info:

  • Early voting starts June 9th
  • Election day is June 21st

Please get out the vote again for these candidates!

Kingsbery’s left this message on his Facebook campaign page Saturday night:

Thank you all for your support in my campaign. Today has been nonstop since 4am and it paid off. I garnered the largest percentage of the vote at 45% to the incumbent’s 31%. He lost today by 69% of the vote. The people have spoken, they want someone else on the board, and now they have that opportunity before them. There will be a run off election, details to come in the near future. I still need your support, as we have to bring this home.

Pulido shared a similar message for her supporters:

Friends & Family: THANK YOU so much for your prayers, love, and support throughout this journey. I was blessed to receive the most votes; however, there will be a run off on June 14 because it was not the majority of the votes. I thank you in advance for your continued support. With much gratitude, Lorraine… Here’s an excerpt from the San Antonio Express-News website: “In the Alamo Colleges District 4 race, Lorena “Lorraine” Pulido and Albert R. Herrera knocked Enedina “Exon” Kikuyu out of contention. District 4 encompasses much of the Southwest Side. Pulido, a city of San Antonio public relations manager and Texas A&M University-San Antonio instructor, led voting but was forced into a runoff with Herrera, business manager for Lighthouse Charter School and former South San Antonio Independent School District trustee. Pulido said she wants to build better communication between the board members, students and stakeholders. In the event of a runoff, Pulido said she would continue “to reach out to the community, block walking, calling them, going to (homeowners association) meetings and reiterating that I am the most qualified, the most educated, the most experienced candidate.”

Unfortunately, Grieder lost to incumbent Rinduss in District 9. We received reports of Rindfuss engaging in voter intimidation at one of the polling locations on Saturday, but we don’t have any other information at this time. Stay tuned…

The Express-News offered up more on the Kingsbery v. Beitzel battle for District 8:

Beitzel said Kingsbery’s campaign materials contained inaccuracies, including a claim that the Alamo Colleges is planning to pay about $3.5 million to train students and employees on Franklin Covey materials, such as “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” District officials said they have spent $691,000 to train all employees and many students.

Kingsbery’s campaign website linked that figure to an article by the San Antonio College student newspaper, and Kingsbery acknowledged that the amount already spent is lower than $3.5 million.

If Beitzel is “questioning my sources, that’s fine,” he said. “But he didn’t have a problem with it before.”

Kingsbery said taking the lead in the election meant “the people have said we do not like the old. We want someone new in there. We want some change.”

The Texas Public Information Act request filed by the ACCD FLAA turned up some interesting math regarding the EDUC 1300 FranklinCovey course. Covey wants $100 for each student who takes the course. Add that up times 60,000 students and you get a lot more than $3.5 million. Emails between District administrators also show how desperate they were to get the emphasis off of FranklinCovey. There’s more developing with this story so stay tuned…


Express-News Editorial Board crosses line on ethics

The Express-News Editorial Board already endorsed candidates for the Board of Trustees, but apparently felt the need to re-endorse them yesterday:

Endorse candidates once? Fine. But pushing their names again as a voting “reminder” clearly steps over the line into free campaign advertising.

According to the Express-News ethics:

Political activity

The Express-News understands its employees are citizens of a democracy and as such have obligations to fulfill, including voting in any and all elections. However, we also have a duty to society – to provide impartial coverage of all political activity.

Angry about this? Give the Express-News Editorial Board a call: 250-3478 and send email: