Candidate Forum report

The Ranger has the story:

Two candidates hold chancellor responsible for accreditation risk

The two incumbents argued that accreditation for district colleges was never at risk, although the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges launched an investigation into the district’s five colleges in March concerning the lack of faculty involvement in an attempt to add EDUC 1300, Learning Framework, to the core curriculum.

Faculty Senate President Dawn Elmore asked whether the candidates find Leslie responsible for putting all the colleges’ accreditation at risk, Enedina Kikuyu, COPS community organizer and District 4 candidate, said, “It’s up to us to demand that the accreditation be put in its place. If not, he needs to be ousted. Period. No, ifs, ands or buts.”

William Clint Kingsbery, Northside Independent School District teacher and District 8 candidate, said the individual accreditation for all colleges needed to be maintained and the procedures that need to be followed should be addressed.

He said he is fighting to make sure the chancellor and board are held accountable for issues such as a lack of accreditation of Northeast Lakeview College and how EDUC 1300 poses a danger to the accreditation of all five colleges.

Kingsbery also said he wants to know where the colleges stand on the issues.

District 9 trustee James Rindfuss, attorney who has served on the board 18 years, said accreditation was never in danger. District 8 incumbent Gary Beitzel, retired from the Air Force and civil service, agreed.

Beitzel said SACS-COC raised the possibility of accrediting the Alamo Colleges as a single entity, but he explained the board declined to do this several years ago when the chancellor suggested it. The move would endanger designations at several of the colleges that increase opportunities for grants.

District 9 candidate Felix Grieder, processing engineer who has served in the military for more than 17 years, said the process for approving courses in the core curriculum was not followed, and accreditation for Northeast Lakeview College should be completed.

And there’s this choice question and response about retirement age between a faculty member and Mr. Rindfuss:

History Professor Mike Settles reminded Rindfuss of a comment he made a few years ago about older faculty “hanging on” and not retiring. He then asked if he would recommend a mandatory retirement age, and if so, what would it be.

Then he asked Rindfuss his age.

Rindfuss said he would not require mandatory retirement. He recalled saying older faculty needed to keep current with technology, and that, at 76, he needs to keep current with technology or else he’d be fired.

According to the San Antonio Express-News Sept. 18, 2011, Rindfuss said, “We are trying to cut our expenses by getting the higher-paid people off of the payroll that have been there for years and years … A lot of the senior people were not retiring and kept hanging on.”

How many years has Rindfuss been on the Board? Time for him to “retire.”

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