News from Kingsbery campaign in District 8

Important UPDATE on early voting and election day info:

  • Early voting starts June 9th
  • Election day is June 21st

From Clint Kingsbery, posted on his Facebook page May 23:

Finally some news worth sharing. The election was canvassed on Monday, May 19th and the results were finalized. I ended up with 45% of the vote, defeating my closest opponent by over 13%.

The ballot position drawing followed this and as luck would have it, I am first position on the ballot. As this is the only race happening, this could be beneficial.

On Wednesday, I met with a number of supporters and we worked out a plan. I was also informed via email that the election date of June 14th was incorrect and would be pushed to the 21st. That means early voting begins June 9th through the 17th, except for that Sunday.

Steve Gonzales has officially endorsed my campaign and I’m very glad that he has. He and I had similar messages overall and I feel his endorsement will bring additional support.

We have also planned for a fundraiser on June 5th (Thursday). Details of which will be posted in the near future, but try to keep your calendar open if you can.

As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you and the community in the near future. We can win this and bring back the greatness of the Alamo Community Colleges.


Want to help Kingsbery beat incumbent Gary Beitzel in the District 8 runoff? Please contact Kingsbery via his Facebook page or campaign website for info on fundraising, canvassing, and working the polls.

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