Month: August 2014

12-month faculty contract without full pay? Say it ain’t so.

The following document is making the rounds at SAC: 12-month faculty contract transition

What starts out as a recommendation for “equitable salary alignment” quickly becomes a scenario of extreme concern to all faculty. The last paragraph suggests a mandate which forces counseling, nursing faculty and yet-to-be-identified other full-time faculty to choose between (a) working both summer sessions for 130% of adjunct pay or (b) losing their jobs.

3. By the end of the 2014 Fall term, the faculty member will also indicate commitment to the 12-month employment need.  If the faculty member chooses not to commit to 12-month employment beginning in Fall 2015, the faculty member may choose to teach a partial load at 130% of the effective Adjunct Faculty rate in Summer 2015 and will be acknowledging he/she will no longer be in a faculty position beginning in Fall 2015.

The Board’s compensation decision for summer pay rate at 130% of adjunct (instead of pro rata) was because summer work was NOT mandatory. Summer teaching contracts are voluntary extra work and pay. Salary increases to the 9-month contract helped make up some of the summer shortfall, but not all of it. With the 130% of adjunct pay policy instituted for the summer months, District expected the same amount of work from faculty in the summer with less pay. Naturally, more full-time faculty have been declining this summer contract option. So this is their solution to filling the need for full-time faculty in those summer contracts: offer them a deal they can’t refuse. Take the 12 month contract or else you don’t teach here anymore.

Also of interest: Last year our now ex-President Dr. Zeigler attempted to turn counselors into 12-month faculty with pro-rata pay. That deal fell through. And now this pops up to take it’s place. Just to be clear, this memo specifically mentions counseling and nursing faculty but what will stop each college from identifying a 12-month “need” in other departments?

SAC Faculty Senate, SAC AAUP and ACCD Faculty Legal Action Association are all seeking more clarification on the issues raised in this memo.

If you have information about this or any other District initiative, please contact us at As we start another school year, let us remain vigilant in keeping “community” in our community colleges.