Inside Higher Ed: Habitually Disrespected?

There’s an article in today’s Inside Higher Ed which focuses primarily on the degree plan controversy. The author, Colleen Flaherty, also wrote about the EDUC 1300/Covey issue back in the Spring. The comments are always interesting, but this one in particular caught our attention from “Higher ed administrator”:

This is seriously troubling. We’re working on MOUs with the local Community College system to create 2+2 degrees (2 years at community college, 2 at my university), especially for students with AAS degrees (the college within the university is a school that prepares students within a particular profession). The requirement we would have is that the AAS would be in specific majors that prep them for specific majors in our school, that the student have a minimum of a B GPA in the AAS, have strong letters of support, and that the community college interfaces with us with regard to competencies that students acquire in the curriculum at the community college. If they were to drop the specific majors, we wouldn’t pursue the articulation and would require a course-by-course match. It’s likely that would add another year of expense here–and we’re much more expensive than the community college. The trustees and others in charge of Alamo System may think 60 credits mostly made up of “this and that” makes good business sense, since they collect enough widgets to fill their basket to get to 60 credits, but they’re nuts! An AAS with a B average in a specific majors that matches up with our majors is a type of shorthand that tells us that the student comes with preparation that is likely to lead to their completing their degree with us in a reasonable time span.

The Ranger published two articles this week about the change in degree plans:

The San Antonio Express-News also published an article:

Faculty and students are still gathering information in an attempt to understand the impetus for this change. If this change is truly born out of an accreditation concern with SACS (as was suggested when the change was first announced), can Chancellor Bruce Leslie, Vice Chancellor Jo-Carol Fabianke or any other District or College administrator please produce an official email or letter from our accrediting agency affirming the need for this disruptive change?

We look forward to hearing from students at PAC. They are meeting with their college president this afternoon.

What do you think?

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