Compromises and Alternatives

From The Ranger’s Facebook page this morning:

A Presidents and Vice Chancellors Committee (PVC) meeting is going on right now at Palo Alto College for an all-district “4 Disciplines of Execution,” planning session until 10 a.m. Office assistants for both Thomas Cleary, vice chancellor for planning, performance and information systems; and Jo-Carol Fabianke, vice chancellor for academic success, said the PVC meetings will run all day.
Ruben “Mike” Flores, President of Palo Alto College said yesterday during a student forum the PVC would spend today working on possible compromises and alternatives to the “generic” Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees.

Sounds like they should have had an all day meeting BEFORE making the decision to get rid of majors.


    1. Get a set of chapter bylaws drawn up (take a look at ours under About Us), have NLC faculty join the national AAUP, then submit your bylaws to national AAUP for local chapter recognition. SPC recently formed their chapter and NVC is starting their chapter up again. PAC chapter is going strong. All 5 colleges…wouldn’t that be something?

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