Competency-based education: Lumina Foundation, CAEL, Alamo Colleges

Our old friend the Lumina Foundation is pushing right along with it’s goal for “graduating” more students via competency-based education. Check out their Degree Qualifications Profile. It lists the competencies required for an associate, bachelor’s and master’s level degree in any field. Pair this with “direct assessments” provided by organizations like CAEL and you can do a complete end-run around the slow, clunky, traditional “seat time” model of our local colleges.

But wait, there’s more!

With the Department of Education loosening the rules on how federal student aid money can be spent…well, follow the money. Students can now use those federal student aid dollars to pay for CAEL assessments instead of taking college courses. Just to make sure you understand: FEDERAL STUDENT AID MONEY WILL BYPASS OUR LOCAL COLLEGES AND GO STRAIGHT INTO THE POCKETS OF CAEL.

Oh, and did we mention that Chancellor Bruce Leslie is the treasurer for CAEL? Did we also mention that the District has a sole-source contract with CAEL for their employee training and student assessment services? We did.

See this recent NPR story for more on competency-based education. This is the hot topic in higher ed, y’all. Study up.

What do you think?

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