Board of Trustees Forum today @ SAC, NAHC 218, 6pm

District 8 Trustee Clint Kingsbery will be present at this open forum at SAC. There is a reception starting at 5pm. The forum will begin at 6pm. Below are the questions which Trustee Kingsbery will be addressing.

Questions for November Board of Trustees Forum

  1. Advising Guides
  •  What is your opinion on the implementation of Advising Guides and the end of majors?
  •  Do you see this as a policy issue to be addressed by the Board of Trustees? If so, in what ways would you envision the board addressing it?
  • What would you recommend to community members, faculty and staff and students who think the proposed changes are unfair, unnecessary and unhealthy for our schools? How do they best have their voices heard by the board?


  1. Chancellor’s/Administrative Performance Review?
  • Do you think it is appropriate to include feedback from faculty and staff in the performance review process for the chancellor, vice-chancellors, associate vice-chancellors, and college administrators?  If so, what recommendations would you recommend for soliciting feedback? If not, why?


  1. Faculty Evaluation and Tenure
  •  Do you see faculty evaluation as residing primarily with the colleges or the district? Why?
  • What work has been done so far on the Faculty Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Board of Trustees? What information have you received, and who reports to you? Have you received any official input from the faculty committee charged with overseeing the project?
  • One of the stated goals of implementing a new evaluation system was the Board’s need for clear employee evaluation over the faculty member’s career in order to create a new policy regarding tenure. Do you see these two items as being tied together? Do you support faculty tenure?  If so, how are you willing to convey that support? If not, why?


  1. Adjuncts and Hiring
  • How do you view the chancellor’s 50/50 hiring ratio goal? Do you see this as contributing to student success? What is the value of full-time faculty? What is the appropriate role for adjuncts? Do you think full-time faculty should be considered as adjuncts for purposes of summer pay?
  • Given that in some disciplines we have great difficulty attracting and keeping adjuncts and/or have fewer than 50% full-time faculty, would you support any of the following: allotting more funds for the hiring of full-time faculty, increasing adjunct pay, implementing benefits for our adjuncts comparable to those of other area colleges?


  1. Role of Department Chairpersons
  •  The role of the chairperson is being re-examined in part because of recent trustee feedback. Do you see chairpersons as faculty, administrators, or both? Do you see this position as one that should be mandated as 12-month by policy?


6. Faculty Board Communications

  • What are you assuming regarding the pace and direction of the change process at each of the 5 accredited schools.  What is your understanding of the process by which the Chancellor implements change across the system?
  • Are you open to a Standing Committee that is focused on “stakeholder relations” to ensure that faculty, staff, students and community members are able to give input?


What do you think?

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