award for transparency

Reposting with permission from PAC AAUP:

It’s been two weeks and no sign of an itemized budget. What’s going on? It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Just open the BUDGET files and press print.

Here’s where public school districts can teach US something. Their commitment to transparency is commendable. Many public school districts post their CHECK REGISTER online.

“WHAT?!! You mean they post their checkbook ONLINE?”


“I want to see one.”

Ok, here it is (or should I say, here they are) – Checkbook payments (aka, check registers) for several local schools and, SURPRISE, a Very Large Community College (VLCC) is posting theirs as well:
Northeast ISD (San Antonio):

San Antonio ISD (SAISD):

Southside ISD:

Why even Dallas Community College District has their check book online. Looks like they have us beat when it comes to transparency.
It’s time for the Alamo Colleges to get on board with other colleges and school districts. I’d like to see us win an award for transparency.

What do you think?

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