National Adjunct Walkout Day

What would it be like if the Alamo Colleges tried to get through just one day without adjuncts? If college costs keep rising, why are adjunct faculty on welfare? When we tell our adjuncts to attend trainings, meetings and work on projects on their own time without compensation, is that not immoral?

From Inside Higher Ed:

Today Is National Adjunct Walkout Day
February 25, 2015
As part of National Adjunct Walkout Day today, many adjuncts — along with some students and tenure-line faculty members — will walk out of their classes or participate in other forms of protest on campuses across the U.S. and Canada. The idea was posed in the fall on social media to highlight adjuncts’ working conditions, lack of job security and relatively low pay. Many adjuncts on unionized campuses are prohibited by their collective bargaining agreements or state laws from walking out, but many unions have pledged to support the effort through awareness campaigns, such as teach-ins. A list of actions is available here, and updates will be posted throughout the day on Twitter under #NAWD and on Facebook.

What do you think?

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