First Step Towards Financial Transparency

From our colleagues at PAC AAUP:

I’d like to give major kudos to Trustee Joe Alderete. His dogged persistence for financial transparency has paid off.  Thanks to his insistence that taxpayers deserve to have quick access to as much financial detail as possible, we can now view precisely how much money is being spent by the Alamo Colleges. The Check Register for the Alamo Colleges is now available under the About Us tab of the District website.  I’ve included screen shots of the webpage and a small sample of the Check Register.
It’s refreshing to see Board members respond to concerned students, faculty, staff and taxpayers.
Financial transparency is only the beginning.  Transparency in decision-making (keeping minutes, providing rationale, etc.) is the next challenge.   With this victory for taxpayers and stakeholders, I’m feeling hopeful that we shall soon be able to ask informed questions and better understand District’s questionable patterns in spending.
Again, kudos to Trustee Alderete’s hard work toward openness and transparency. This is what public service is all about.
Please try out the website that provides the check register. You may find interesting information.


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