SAEN article: Students to call for resignation of Alamo Colleges chancellor

If you haven’t read it yet, please do: Students to call for resignation of Alamo Colleges chancellor

And then go to the Board meeting tomorrow night.

Here are a few choice quotes from Chancellor Bruce Leslie:

Leslie said the constant fighting has sapped productivity but was part of the nature of a higher education institution that promotes free expression.

“Yeah, I get criticized, and yes, it comes with the job, and yeah, I take that seriously, and yeah, I take it personally,” he said. “It’s hard to sit up there and hear people saying the things that they do.”


Leslie conceded that faculty morale was suffering, but said those with a more positive outlook “are being shut out.”

“A lot of that’s being driven by certain people themselves and not the administration,” Leslie said. “There’s a lot of allegations, innuendo, and a whole lot of bad facts, bad use of data. I keep trying to remind people we’re doing amazing things here.”

Not exactly the words of a leader.


  1. Dr. Bruce Leslie has NEVER been a leader. Leaders earn the support of those they lead by being honest, fair and reasonable. They earn the respect needed to lead. Dr. Leslie had alienated and most faculty, staff and campus administrators by his actions and his words. It is impossible to respect anyone who behaves as he does. Until recently only the tenured faculty has felt secure enough to speak out. Dr. Leslie’s actions and words have finally prompted students to call for his dismissal. Let’s ask our trustees to take action to end the downward spiral produced by his autocratic, self-serving behavior. We do not need a man who believes he has all the answers to lead the Alamo Colleges. We need a person whose actions and words earn respect, not disgust.

    1. The BOT can only blame themselves for letting Leslie get this out of control. No checks or balances, no accountability, no interest in shared governance. And now the students and community has turned on them. As well they should! Demanding accountability for how they allow Leslie to appropriate tax dollars on $2 million for Covey, etc.

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