Chancellor Bruce Leslie and His Gang of Five skip out on Special Board Meeting

Chancellor Bruce “Participatory Leadership” Leslie was a no-show at Thursday’s Special Board Meeting where all five Faculty Senates were invited to discuss the following critical issues with the Student Success committee:

1) Assessment
2) Majors/Transfers/Completion
3) Shared Governance
4) Administrative Accountability
5) Faculty Morale
6) The Faculty Member’s Role

Also conspicuously absent were Trustees Katz, Sprague, Rindfuss, McClendon, and Zarate. (Read and listen to their brash words about this event from the Tuesday Board Meeting, including Zarate’s indignant threat to not attend.) Chair Anna Bustamante had a scheduling conflict so she was not able to attend, although she did work hard to make the necessary arrangements for this Special Board Meeting.

Here’s the Express-News take on the meeting: Dialogue with faculty reveals split on Alamo Colleges Board

And here’s the linkup to the video.

Don’t see much there that would send them running to the hills! I think SAC math professor Gerald Busald stated it best in the Express-News article:

“The board members who are not here are speaking in volumes about what they think about faculty input. They’re speaking with their feet and with their absence.”

Bruce Leslie

What is Bruce afraid of?

AC Board of Trustees

What are they afraid of?

What do you think?

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