Leslie’s mansplaining reaches new heights

Those of us fortunate enough to receive Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s email missives quickly recognize his windup before an epic bout of mansplaining:

From time to time, I attempt to clarify and inform you about strategies, projects and issues of importance to The Alamo Colleges Family…

He’s been a busy man this past week, sharing both a brief explanation of and a Covey-ized Leadership Model for Alamo Colleges, defending his philosophy on MyMap, sharing his own personal stories related to his love for Ethnic Studies , and whatever he’s jabbering about in his most recent video address. (Seriously, can someone else watch this for us and give us a recap? Thanks.)

The real kicker is from The Ranger article covering the Student District Council meeting:

“I will agree with you that we have not had a system that works,” Leslie said. “We need to fix the system and students need to be a part of it.”

Leslie said he is open to suggestions from Super Senate, Faculty Senate leaders at the five colleges.

Maybe, Bruce, just maybe you could be “open to suggestions” and include all stakeholders BEFORE you make your next series of bad decisions with little or no communication with your – as you call us – colleagues. Then you wouldn’t have to work so hard “clarifying” and “informing.”

A great first step in remaking yourself as The Leader Who Listens would’ve been bothering to show up at last week’s Special Board Meeting. But hey…there is a video. Take some time to watch it, won’t you? And be sure to let Faculty Senate leaders know if you have any questions.

What do you think?

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