Leslie’s Latest “Nunsense”

Seriously, what is WRONG with Chancellor Bruce Leslie?!? And why isn’t the Board more concerned about his reckless actions?!?

Bruce now has an 8th “habit” to concern himself with – Sr. Gabriella Lohan, Co-Chair of COPS/Metro:
  • Leslie sent this memo to the Board in which he twists an out-of-context quote from Sr. Gabriella to “prove” his specious argument regarding the removal of majors and declare that COPS/Metro does not support students and faculty.
  • Sr. Gabriella sent this response to Leslie and the Board which corrects Leslie’s assertions and less than honorable interpretation of their conversation.
In his memo, Leslie also quotes UTSA President Ricardo Romo and SACSCOC president Belle Wheelan. One wonders if their quotes were also taken out of context and their words twisted to further Leslie’s agenda. It would be interesting to hear exactly what Wheelan and Romo have to say about this.

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