Friday News Dump: No More Majors at SAC

Dr. Robert Vela ended his first year as President of San Antonio College on a low and ominous note. He sent an email to Faculty at 5:03pm today declaring no majors on diplomas or transcripts for AA and AS degrees.

He was spotted earlier in the day having a very long lunch with an exceedingly somber looking Dr. Robert Zeigler, SAC’s ex-President. Seeking advice from his mentor, perhaps?

Its very unfortunate that Dr. Vela has chosen to accept Chancellor Bruce Leslie’s interpretation of the correspondence with SACSCOC. So many faculty were working very hard to keep majors intact for their students. There is absolutely NO REASON WHY we have to eliminate major designations on degrees and transcripts.

But the majors issue has always been a solution looking for a problem.

Here’s the email. Sorry, students.



  1. His letter was almost identical to the the one NLC received. This smells like another district move.

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