Language matters

Oh ho ho! Look at the language Chancellor Bruce Leslie and (some of) the Trustees want to remove from this policy. Guess the old language sounded too…what? Inclusive? Open? Friendly? Dangerous?

B.3.3 (Policy) Board of Trustees Ethics Responsible Department: Office of the Chancellor, Legal Services Board Adoption: 8-18-09 Last Board Action: 8-13-139-15-15

As a Board member, I will strive toward the ideal of effective board service in a spirit of teamwork and commitment to the ideal that community college education is the greatest instrument for the preservation and the perpetuation of our representative democracy and will strive to:
1. Work with fellow Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation in spite of differences of opinion that arise during vigorous debates.
2. Bring about desired changes through legal and ethical procedures, upholding and enforcing all applicable statutes, regulations, and court decisions pertaining to community colleges.
3. Work with other Board members to establish effective policies and practices prohibiting unlawful discrimination, including conduct that constitutes sexual harassment.
4. Communicate with the public and provide access points for constituent voices to be heard, while maintaining the integrity of the Board’s governance guidelines.Welcome and encourage active communication with students, citizens, organizations, and the media with respect to establishing policy on current and future college operations.
5. Base my personal decisions on all available facts in a situation; vote my honest conviction in every case, unswayed by partisan bias of any kind; and abide by the final decision of the Board.
6. Delegate authority to the Chancellor as the College District’s chief executive officer and confine Board and Trustees’ action to policy determination, planning, evaluation of the Chancellor, and maintaining the fiscal stability of the College District.
7. Recognize that it is as important for the Board to understand and plan for the educational mission of the community college as it is to understand and plan for the College District’s business operations.
8. Devote time, thought, and study to the duties and responsibilities of a community college Trustee so that I may render more effective and credible service.
9. Remember at all times that, as an individual, I have no legal authority outside the meetings of the Board.
10. Resist every temptation and outside pressure to use my position as a community college Trustee to benefit either myself or any other individual or agency at the expense of the total interest of the College District.
11. Respect the influence of my authority as a Trustee and to communicate appropriately with all internal and external constituents.

What do you think?

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