Craig Follins: Express-News reader comments

Below are some of the reader comments collected from the Express-News articles on Craig Follins:

  • Working in SA

Once again, the Alamo Colleges is trying to sidestep both law and common sense morality to protect itself and to cover up it’s bad choices. Dr. Follins was hand picked by the Chancellor and was a dismal failure at Northeast Lakeview College. He bulled and harassed people while also failing to lead the college in a direction best suited for providing a quality education for our community. Alamo Colleges is a public institution of higher education. That makes all its business decisions open to public scrutiny. They are paying someone $203k to not do anything!? That is consistent with having a chancellor paid more than the president of UCLA (who also has to live in southern California!). While I am sympathetic about Dr Follins’ need to find a new job he should not be able to run and hide from what caused him to be fired in the first place. Time to take responsibility for his own failure.

  • Keturah Coleman

NLC has been a disaster for nearly 10 years with their constant accreditation failures. Leslie and the Alamo College Board tolerate and encourage horrible and unethical behavior from their presidents and high ranking administrators. Leslie’s wrath usually falls on the decent and ethical folks, rather than the wicked and corrupt, so Follins’ misconduct must be great indeed. But still he gets a paycheck until his contract runs out and he moves on to the next taxpayer funded job, where he will screw up again. It is the circle of life for incompetent educrats.

  • Former Assistant

Dr. Follins has been a temperamental and aggressive man for as long as I’ve known him. It’s surprising to me that it’s just now becoming public knowledge of his behavior. While he is an extremely gifted educator and has accomplished and brought so much to higher learning institutions, he is no one who should be managing other people. He belittles you and makes you feel worthless. His tone and choice of words can be condescending and down right MEAN. He has caused me anxiety, stress, and emotional turmoil. I wouldn’t recommend him managing or overseeing anyone. However, I would recommend him as a teacher/professor and mentor, he is wonderful in that area and I would hire him in a minute. He can really turn things around if he actually makes a change in his behavior and actually becomes a nice person. I hope he seeks counseling and anger management for his issues. Best of luck to him.

  • NLC Faculty

I’ve had the privilege of working with several great presidents in my 15 years as a faculty member and Dr. Reno was one of the best. Dr. Follins was a poor replacement. One of the worst examples of a leader I can recall. I had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of his bullying and I’m glad he’s gone. We lost a lot of good people in his short tenure as president. Many had institutional experience we couldn’t afford to lose as we approach our site visit. He was like a bull in a china shop to put it mildly. The people that stood up to him were retaliated against. Some decided to leave on their own, while others were fired or moved around the district. I decided to wait him out because I knew he would eventually be his own downfall and I didn’t want to lose my dream job. Others weren’t as fortunate.
All anyone had to do was look at the turn over from the time he started to see his failure as the President of NLC. If a person wanted a good story they might be inclined to look into how many of those who filed complaints were women. On a positive note, now we have Dr. Cleary! He has the experience to lead us in the right direction towards accreditation.

  • Hertz Clyde Dézir

@NLC Faculty
You really described the person I knew. I just couldn’t describe him as well as you did. My last encounter with him was a job interview back in 2012 at Olive-Harvey College in Chicago — after my first interview with a panel of interviewers. I call it an interview, but it was more like a dispute because he was so demanding and intimidating.

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