6th College

The Issue

On April 28, 2005, the Alamo Community College District Board of Trustees voted to purchase 145.5 acres west of Interstate 10 and north of Loop1604 near the Kendall County line and Camp Bullis. The plan was to build a 6th college in order to serve a growing population in that area. Demographic studies were conducted four years ago to determine what opening enrollment figures might be.

Our Position

We oppose any bond issue that would go towards the building of a 6th college in the District. The District has been negligent in adequately planning for the opening of new colleges. Northeast Lakeview College remains unaccredited and their enrollment has flattened in the last year. Bond issues pay for bricks and mortar, but they do not pay for personnel, programs, and services. In its unaccredited state, NLC has remained under the supervision of department chairs at SAC, creating a further strain on SAC’s thinning resources. Will a 6th college pull more personnel and resources from the other colleges in the District? You bet. There is also the issue of who the 6th college is serving. As with NLC, the 6th college would be built on the Bexar County boundary with the hopes of luring out of district residents to enroll and pay almost three times the amount of tuition than in district residents. This in district versus out of district price difference has had a chilling effect on the growth of NLC. Meanwhile, Palo Alto College is in need of money for projects like building repairs and student recruitment. Why is the District not spending money on PAC? Services to students at SAC has been cut: the Job Placement Center and the Student Health Center are no longer in operation. We’ve had to cap enrollment due to budget cuts from the Texas Legislature. We don’t even have the resources to offer classes to all the students who want to enroll at existing colleges. How can we afford yet another college?


  1. Hill Country college plans tabled by committee
  2. Trustees spar over tabled agenda item
  3. Alamo District Caps Enrollment

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